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Her One Voice


Her One Voice is an installation of recently completed work configured especially for Mark Moore Fine Art. Everything in the exhibit is made from repurposed or gifted materials. 


The installation comprises elements from two series, Divine Forms and At the Top of Her Lungs. Below are excerpts from each series description.


At the Top of Her Lungs


At this penning, on September 11th, 2020, the West is ablaze. A mere 40 miles away, a temperate rainforest, home to life aged greater than 2,000 years, struggles for its last breath. Forests as filtration systems for life are essential to all beings on this planet. By recasting our failings to project beauty, viewers are placed in direct contact with the history of their kind and in a way that engages their own activism. By activating a community to save animals, perhaps, we can save each other.  At the Top of Her Lungs is an ongoing series of portraits. The creatures depicted in these works, present, and past, beseech us to heed mother nature's plea —  wake.


Divine Forms


In this new exhibition, Divine Forms, mirrored vessels – the forms of which reference early Christian iconography – are placed centrally in the gallery, reflecting and engaging the paintings that encircle them. Each artwork invites exploration of the natural world. At the same time, the installation turns the mirror on us, the viewer, causing us to reflect upon the power we have on the planet and the role we play in the preservation – or destruction – of the natural world. She asks us: how will we wield our collective power?


In the many animal portraits, and also reflections seen of oneself in-gallery, are the faces of mother nature. Her One Voice asks us to see ourselves as the solution and to take action in the best interest of all species.


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