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A Forest in Shadow

A Forest in Shadow

Nature is perfect in her imperfections.  Probably more than any other life form, we as humans exemplify that imperfection.  It is through our own blindness that we try to force the natural world into conforming to our misguided perception of perfection.  We say, “I am going to fix what nature can not fix herself”.  The reality is that the earth we live on is a dynamic system and humans, as well as all its other inhabitants, are both connected and dependent on nature and each other for their existence.


In this new body of work, I have focused on the interdependence of the natural world to create haunting images of animals, who like us, rely on our primeval forests for their existence.  The Ivory Billed Woodpecker, the Marbled Murrelet and the Spotted Owl, for a little while longer will have mature forests in which to make their homes.  And we too, the human race, the ultimate predator, will also have these primeval forests from which to make our homes - but for how much longer?


When the forests are all gone, will we all go with them?



Joseph Rossano

Arlington, Washington


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