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Welcome to my website, which is evolving to reflect the latest expressions of my artistic commitment to convey the impact of man's interaction with the natural world. I invite you to explore some examples of my work with the Guanacaste Dry Forest Conservation FundInternational Barcode of LifeOntario GenomicsBOLDACG and BioCode Moorea. Please contact me directly for more information, examples or with ideas. I would also like to thank the following, without whose support, encouragement and teaching, my existence as an artist could not be possible.

Key Supporters 2019.jpg

Donations or Gifts In Kind

Ace Hardware


Al Fuchs Works


Arlington Hardware

Austin Art Projects

Barcode Long Island

BioLogical Group

Biomimicry LA

Chihuly Inc.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Coldworks LLC

Conservation FWD

Frederick R. Coudert Foundation

The Creative Tap

Catherine M. Denton Charitable Fund 

Eric Hoehne Industrial Design
Fast Passage LLC

Fiberglass Supply

Ford Motor Co.

Friends of Sagamore Hill

General Plastics

Hang Your Glass
Hansen Precision Machine 

General Plastics
George Hoehne & Sons Design
Gregory Scott Hunt Design
International Freight Systems
Intrepid Pixel

Janicki Industries

Long Island Picture Frame
Microsoft Corp.

Minaker Architecture

Museum of Glass

North Fork Studios

Olympic Color Rods
The Pilchuck Glass School
Pacific Western Timbers

Portland Waterjet

Prism Film
Rankin Custom Milling
Ritchlite Corp.

Theodore Roosevelt Legacy Partnership

Sagamore Collision

San Diego Barcode of Life

Sherwin Williams
Skagit Architectural Millwork

Spinoza Rod Company
Station Film

Lino Tagliapietra



Vision Fly Fishing
Waterford Wedgwood International


Julian Adkins
Shane Andeson

Voeda Angell

Sandra Ainsley
Parks & Ginger Anderson

Marc Aroner

Fredrick and Susan Bancroft

Walter and Clara Biggs
C.B. Bell III

Sandra I. Berrios-Torres, MD
Martin Blank Studios

Chris Bowler 
Jeremy Bosworth
Michael Bray

Topher Browne

Dan Buchholz

Katie Buckingham

Elias Burgess
Francis & James Burke
Dr. & Mrs. Christian Burks
Per Brandin

Judy & Alan Cabito

Brandyn Callahan

Nick Chambers

Lucile Chich
Dale Chihuly

Jason Christian
Dr.s Dennis and Lynn Chugh

Jonas Clark

Nick Clawsen

Sandra Coudert Graham

Ben and Cala Cobb

Carie Collver

Edwina Cusolito
Dr. & Mrs. Ron Crowell

Colby Crouch

Sean Dahlquist

Kevin Davis

Patricia Davidson

Nick Davis
Dr. Neil Davies
Jon deWitt
Joeseph DeCamp
Kerry Devinport

Janice Dilworth & Greg Denton

Helen Donahue

James Downey

Jen Elek

Howard Elliott
Kate Elliott

Kristen Elliott

Brian Farmer

Gabe Feenan
Rebecca Fletcher

Steve Fransen

Dr. David Francis

Jerry French

Raymond Freeman III

Dan Friday

Sayuri Fukuda
Albert Fuchs
Joseph Garman

Jason Garrett

Sarah Gilbert
Ron and Katherine Glowen

Steve Gobin
Bruce Greek

Kayla Greet
Philip & Anne Greven

Monty Gwaltney
Colin Haan

Elias and Blare Hansen
Dr. Winnie Hallwachs

John Harvey
Hiram W Hawes

Ben Heywood

Zack Hinderyckx

Jessica Hogan

Meg Holgate
Josh Holmes

Todd Horton

Gregory Hunt

Peter Jacobsen
Alan Jackson
Dr. & Mrs. Alec Jackson

Ayla Janukajtis

Dr. Daniel H. Janzen 

Ben Johnsen

Dr. Kimberly Keith
John & Courtney Kiley

Loni Kimber

Melissa Kistler

Derrek Klein

Curt Kraemer

Jeff Krapf

Andy Lawrence

Ryan Lauter

Susan Lauter

Michelle Lechlak
David Liittschwager

Jourdyn Leavell

Walter Lieberman

James Madison

Sam MacMillan

Melissa & Colin Mangham

Simone & Chris Mailman

Rob Masonis
John & Sylvia McAllister
Josiah McElheny

John McMillan
Dr. Sea McKeon
Dr. Christopher Meyer

Jason Mouer
William Morris
Christopher Morrison

Poppy Mussallem

John Olschewsky

Greg Owen

Leigh Oliva

Bob and  Dean Palermo
Dennis Palin
Charlie Parriott
Chris & Karin Peterson

Greg Piercy

Hilary & Lyon Polk
Melissa Post
Sterling Powell

David Price
Eric & Kelly Prime
Judy Pfaff
Holle & Randy Lyman
Dr. Thomas P Quinn

Trenton Quiocho

Ben Rankin
John & Susan Reed

Kait Rhoads

Ross Richmond

David Rios
Tim & Andrea Rollins
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Riley

Ron and Dee Romeo

Barry Rosen

Thomas Michael Rossano
Dr. & Mrs. Paul G Rossano

Sue Sarna
Italo Scanga

Samantha Scalise

Ginny Scalzo

Peter Schmidt

Scott Schuyler

Carrie-Lee Schwartz

Monique Simkova

Raven Skyriver

Joanna Sikes

April Surgent
Dr. Hannah Stewart

Sasha Tepper-Stewart

Mark Titus
Colleen Tully

Veruska Vägen

Randy Walker

Alison Wang

Kate Albert Ward
Craig & Alison Wells

Weston Wells
Daryl Whitehead
Derrick Wyman
Bruce Wyman

Joe Wyman
Keith and Cathey Wyman

Chun-hua Yang
Lisa A Young
Dr. Bradley Zlotnick

To my friends, family and the countless others not listed here, I’m grateful for your support.

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