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Leviathan Universe


Leviathan Universe is an art project initiated by Joseph Rossano. Its mission is to offer new views of the world in which anadromous fish thrive and to foster an awareness that these places need our help to continue being wild. 


Immersed in a world beyond concrete, an open ocean, towering rainforests, or wind-blown tundra, the seasoned observer sees what at first glance others do not. Leviathan Universe brings together such people in the virtual space to reveal through various media what they see. This collective serves to support their work and to preserve the landscapes in which they find purpose.


By supporting the efforts of this collective you are supporting a unified attempt at revelation, the revelation that nature existing on the fringes needs our help to stay wild. The project's members offer viewers unique perspectives glimpsed through the eyes of those who love the places where these fish swim - the Leviathan Universe.

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