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“Mimicry” is a short film created in conjunction with filmmakers Robinson Devor, Luciano Capelli and Anthony Rescigo.  The film compares the law of nature with the law of man, focusing in the mimicry inherent in both.  The following is an introduction to “Mimicry” in the words of its director, Robinson Devor.


“The law, like birds in a forest, communicates musically. Its wild white noise mimics the rain forest, as scanner notes throb and click like insects in the wind. The law is continually seeking. And changing. For its own survival. It speaks in code, and classifies everything. Like the skipper butterfly, it is only there itself, without intrusion, on its own wavelength, in search of order.

The scientist imposes order in the rain forest - as species around him mutate, invisibly.  Classification is order. His fate, like the butterflies, is an unfurling banner of DNA, like Latin or rhyme. Things look and sound the same, until the unseen heart is illustrated cleanly, in comic book colors. The sequencer and the scanner, the side-arm and the net, the echo and the shadow, the soil and the asphalt  - from a distant planet, they seem the same.”


I’m grateful to all involved for sharing in my cause to create environmental awareness through Art.



Joseph Rossano

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